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3D Championships 2022

Location announcement, please READ CAREFULLY.

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the 3D champs this year will return to Thoresby Hall, Newark. After making the decision to pull out of Ringwood near Bournemouth, we have been able to work with the new estates team at Thoresby. There are many updates and decisions that have gotten us to where we are right now with this. Firstly, we will only be launching with 2 courses, and once they are full, that's it. Many factors influence this, including a hugely reduced amount of time to prepare, the current huge fuel cost increase for members to travel, the cost of accommodation in the area due to the late release, and also a general feel that not as many people are travelling to shoots. We will be monitoring the applications closely, and any changes we decide to make on the above will be based on time and availability to extend to 3 courses. It may be more sensible to use this year's application numbers to alter course numbers again next year. Due to the release being delayed, the NFAS newsletter was delayed to accommodate the application form. It will therefore be coming out this month, but the deadline will be tight to allow admin to plan and prepare behind the scenes. We therefore encourage people to not wait and apply online  (or download from the website). Can I please ask all members and clubs to spread the words, help each other out and download the forms for people without computers or online access to save people panicking until they receive the newsletter. Let's make it work.
Thank you to all, and we can't wait to see you on the 28th and 29th of May 2022.

NFAS Field Officer 2 Apr '22

Phishing/Scam email regarding VIP membership

Further to the phishing/scam emails being received by members, we don't believe the membership database has been breached, as a number of recipient email addresses are not stored in the membership database. As far as we can tell, it is only email addresses that have been accessed and the breach could have come from a number of sources, and is currently impossible to track down. The NFAS will never ask for money through links in emails. Importantly no payment/bank details are at risk as these are processed by WorldPay - the NFAS has never stored or processed online payments. Just like phishing/scam emails from banks, or links in ‘Messenger’ or ‘WhatsApp’, please do not click on anything and ignore and delete.

NFAS Committee 1 Jan '22

Club News

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