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Society News

Latest Guidelines

Following the publication of the Government's Roadmap (published on 22 February 2021) please find below a link to the latest Guidance document from the NFAS Committee. Please remember that the dates are ‘no earlier than’ dates and may be subject to change.

Latest Guidance Document

If you have a query, please do not hesitate to contact

The Committee would like to thank all our members that work in the NHS and other key areas, and those that work tirelessly to keep us all safe. Your commitment is very much appreciated.

NFAS Committee 2 days ago

3D Champs update

I hope everyone is well, and still have thoughts of archery in their head for the near future. As I'm writing this, we are only a few days away from hearing the Prime Ministers plan for how the country will get out of the current lockdown, and finally put the Covid-19 pandemic behind us.

As the new NFAS Field Officer, I gladly took the torch from Tony Burt who had already done a huge amount of work towards the 3D championships and the National championships for 2020 when the pandemic hit. Since taking on the role, I've begun to understand what has been done so far for these events, and a put together a picture of what these events are going to look like in the future, but I'm afraid I have to announce with a heavy heart, I do not know when that will be.

At the most recent NFAS committee zoom meeting, it was decided that the 3D championships for 2021 can not go ahead in their usual May slot and must be cancelled. At the time of writing this, we still do not know the plan for exiting the current lockdown, and there is too much uncertainty for the near future, meaning we do not expect to be able to plan or hold the 3Ds in just a few months.

We are still staying positive for events beyond that, but will make sure that we stay ahead of changes so that if we need to inform the membership of any further changes, we do so in plenty of time. I hope to be able to make more positive announcements soon.

Richard Wright, NFAS Field Officer 18 Feb '21

New Supplies Officer

We are pleased to announce that Colin Hanson-New has been co-opted on to the Committee as our new Supplies Officer. Lynne Harrison has stepped down from the role having recently become the Membership Secretary. We thank Lynne for all her hard work and are grateful to Colin for stepping in.

NFAS Committee 3 Feb '21

Club News

Hollywood April shoot cancellation

Unfortunately we will need to cancel the Hollywood Open shoot scheduled for the 11th April. We hope once restrictions start being lifted we will all able to get back out there course planning for our next shoot (the targets have been hibernating for an extended period now!). We have a second date booked in later in the year on the 3rd October and we are hopeful this one will be able to go ahead.
Take care see you soon, the Hollywood team.

Sarah Sheppard 2 days ago

Solstice Shoot prospectively 20th June 2021

Accepting that at the moment we are still not shooting, the Druids NFAS Archery club would like to advise all NFAS Members that we plan to arrange a one day Solstice Shoot on or about the 20th June 2021. This is working on the basis that we are able to shoot by June. I realise that everyone is deeply fed up with the way things have turned out, with Corona Virus wreaking havoc with plans for the last year - but I have high hopes that we can emerge triumphant this year and may yet stage a shoot for all comers. We won't have a marquee, but we might have some beer! And a one day shoot of about 38 targets, the legal position permitting. Given what has passed, this might seem unduly optimistic - it's high time for some optimism!

Clifton Wray 16 Feb '21