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Membership 2022/23

Current memberships expire on 31st March 2022. Applications for 2022/23 membership will open online on 2nd January 2022. You have a three month window for renewals so don’t all rush at once. The 22/23 membership form will be available to download at the same time and it will also be in the January/February newsletter.

If you are applying by post please do not apply before 2nd January – your membership will be returned to you. Please also ensure you are using the latest membership form (i.e. 2022/23). Any postal memberships sent to the previous Membership Secretary (Paul Harrison) will be shredded (unopened).

NFAS Committee 22 Nov '21

Committee Positions

Further to being announced at the AGM and the recent Presidential Election, the Committee would like to announce that Harry Boyce has been re-elected as President for another term. Congratulations Harry and thank you to both candidates for standing. The results were 143 votes for Harry and 41 for Tony Burt.

Richard Smith, Child Protection Officer, resigned from his post on Friday due to time commitments. We are pleased to announce that Alison MacRory has offered to fill the vacancy and, as this is an Ex Officio Officer role, has been appointed into the position.

Keith Taylor has recently resigned from the position of Safety Officer and we are pleased to confirm that Lewis Chuck has offered undertake this role alongside his Shoot Dates Organiser role. The role of Safety Officer was due to be voted on this AGM, however as there were no other candidates at that time Lewis has been ratified to the post.

We would like to thank Richard and Keith for their time and commitment to the NFAS Committee and thank Lewis and Alison for undertaking the new roles.

NFAS General Secretary 22 Nov '21

Committee Statement - re: scam emails

Further to the reports of phishing emails being received by members, the Committee are investigating and so far determined that the current membership database does not appear to have been breached. This is due to some emails that have received the phishing email are not currently stored on the membership database. Importantly no payment/bank details are at risk as these are processed by WorldPay - the NFAS has never stored or processed online payments. We have determined that the email addresses affected appear to be historical.

As we are unable to currently pinpoint the source of this data breach we have nevertheless ensured that all passwords protecting data have been changed and will continue to monitor for malicious intent. The Information Commission Office has been contacted and advised. As cyber security over the years has changed and improved, more security measures have been put in place. The Committee would like to advise that we take member data very seriously and hope that anyone affected by these emails is reassured. Please remember, the NFAS does not send requests for money to members, therefore if you receive this type of email, please delete and report to or

If members still have concerns then there is lots of information on the Information Commission Office website and the National Cyber Security Centre website.

NFAS Committee 21 Nov '21

Scam Emails

We are aware that a number of people have received emails offering deals on NFAS VIP Lifetime membership.

This is a scam.

It has not been sent by us. We do not offer life membership for sale. We recommend that you delete the email.

NFAS Webby 15 Nov '21


The Nov/Dec newsletter is now available in the Members Only area. 

NFAS Webby 12 Nov '21

Club News

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