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How do I get a date added or edited to the shoot dates calendar?

All shoot dates additions and edits should be emailed to the Shoot Dates Co-ordinator who will then add them to the newsletter and to the website. If you have a last minute cancellation it is worth considering copying Webby in on the email so an announcement can be put on the website.

Who do I send a shoot report to?

If you would like you shoot report/results in the newsletter then please email all separate files and photos to the Newsletter Editor. If you would like you shoot report on the website please combine into one file and send to

How do I register a new club?

Any group of NFAS Members may form themselves into a Club. Any such Club shall be recognised subject to the compliance with the following:

  • each Club must send to the NFAS Membership Secretary a copy of their own Constitution and/or Rules which must not conflict in any way with the Rules and Constitution of the Society
  • each Club must have a minimum of three NFAS members (but not all Club members need to be NFAS members)
  • you must provide the NFAS Membership Secretary with the names of at least two members as contacts for the Club
  • a Club may adopt any name or title which is not already in use by or very similar to the name of another Club or the Society itself. That name must not be in any way offensive.

Our club contact details need editing, how do I do this?

All club contact details (in the newsletter and on the website) are managed by the Shoot Dates Co-ordinator. If you have any edits that need to be made please email them to: