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When can I renew my membership?

Membership renewals are due before the 1st April. Memberships can be renewed at any point from January 2nd and are accepted up until early December; your membership will then expire in March the following year. Please note that if a member has not renewed by the 15 May they shall be deemed to have resigned and shall be removed from the Register of Members. You are not covered by NFAS insurance until you are in receipt of your membership card. Please allow up to 21 days for your memberhip card to be processed.

How do I upgrade from Provisional to Full Membership?

To be upgraded to Full Membership, a provisional member must be deemed competent and be signed off by one of the recognised person/s designated on the membership form (section B) and registered as such by the Membership Secretary. No additional fees are incurred.

How do I get a replacement membership card?

Replacement membership cards can be ordered online. Alternatively, please print, complete and send a membership form (marked with 'replacement card') and appropriate fees to the Membership Secretary. The Replacement card fee is currently £5.

I have moved house or changed my name, what do I need to do?

Please contact the Membership Secretary asap regarding all changes to contact details. Please provide your existing membership number.