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Sign-off Authority

All NFAS members that are not NFAS registered coaches and train/coach under the auspices of the NFAS must be registered as  a Sign Off Authority and hold a current DBS certificate. All clubs that do not have an NFAS coach must have a Sign Off Authority. 
Club appointees with sign off authority must be a full adult member, with at least two years NFAS archery experience and be registered with the NFAS Membership secretary.
Club Appointee(s) should make themselves familiar with the NFAS Child Protection Policy and Risk Assessment Procedure (see the NFAS Club Pack).

To register as a “Sign Off Authority”, the candidate must complete the “Sign Off Authority” application form and forward it to the DBS Administrator. See Section: DBS.
Sign off authority will not be issued to clubs with an NFAS registered coach, unless by prior agreement with the NFAS Committee. Members registered as Independent cannot apply for the Sign-Off Authority.

The NFAS will instigate one DBS check, free of charge per club that does not have an NFAS Coach. The DBS disclosure will be valid for three years. Any requirements for additional sign off authority applications and renewals will be charged at £25.00 each, unless special dispensation is agreed with the DBS Administrator prior to application / renewal.