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Championships- General Information

We currently hold two Championship events each year, each held over two days. The first is the 3D Champs (held on Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May) and the second is the National Champs (held on the 3rd weekend in September). The National Champs also includes a variety of team trophies that NFAS registered clubs can enter.

Applications to enter each event open a few weeks beforehand. Entries can be done online or you can download the entry form and pay by cheque.

Qualifying criteria

You must be a full adult or full junior member with current membership to apply to enter the the Nationals or 3Ds. If you have shot an NFAS National Champs before (either Nationals or 3Ds), and this can be verified, then you are eligible to enter. If you haven't shot an NFAS Champs before then you will need to provide three score cards (signed and dated by the shoot organiser) for the shooting style you intend to shoot at your first Championships. The score cards must be for shoots that have taken place within the last three years, be from three separate NFAS open shoots (though not necessarily from three different clubs) and must not be from your own club. Please contact the Champs administrator by email if you have a specific query (either or