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Safety Adviser's Corner

Safety Reminder - July 2020

Following a recently reported incident which resulted in personal injury to the archer concerned and which presented a risk of injury to bystanders, we thought it would be an ideal opportunity for a timely safety reminder.
The incident involved a fixed bladed knife carried in a sheath with a securing strap that was being carried on a cross body pack that was not secured at the waist. It was a hot day and the archer added a water bottle to his pack that was securely fitted, it is not clear if it was the first time the archer had done this.
The archer was faced with a steep downhill shot, leaning forward the weight of the water bottle caused the unsecured pack to move forward and unbeknown to the archer, as he drew back the bow string became entangled in his equipment. When the arrow was loosed the knife was somehow pulled from its sheath and propelled forward and up resulting in a nasty cut to the archers bow hand requiring stitches and the knife being thrown down the course.
We should all ensure that any items of equipment carried on the body are securely fitted and not allowed to hang loose, this includes equipment and items of clothing.
Whilst this is not specifically covered in the rules of shooting we would strongly advise against the use of cross chest packs or shoulder bags. If this type of personal equipment is used every effort should be made to ensure that it is unable to swing loose or move forward. i.e. by securing it to your trouser belt with the aid of a carabiner clip or similar.
We would recommend that if a fixed blade knife is carried that it is in an appropriate scabbard with a securing strap and that it is carried on the bow hand side of the archers body thus reducing the risks of it becoming entangled in the bow string. Have fun and stay safe out there.
Keith Taylor, Safety Adviser