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The Mar/Apr newsletter is now available within the Members Only Area.

Motion Voting Results
All three of the Motions put forward in last month's newsletter have been passed. These new rules come in to force from 1st April 2019. They have already been added to the downloadable 2019 rule book. A new rule book will be printed this year and sent out to current members.

Webby 21 Mar '19

New Rule

The Committee wish to announce that, using the Standing Order Procedure set out in the NFAS rule book, the following rule will be effective immediately and implemented for the 2019 National Champs. It is intended that the rule be added to the Shooting Rules section of the handbook, under a new “Championships” section. This rule will be put forward as an official proposal for the 2019 AGM.

New Rule:
To be eligible to enter the National Championships or 3D Championships you must have either:

  1. shot in a previous NFAS National or 3D Championship or
  2. provide three score cards (signed and dated by the shoot organiser) for the shooting style you intend to shoot at your first Championships. The score cards must be: for shoots that have taken place within the last three years, be from three separate NFAS open shoots (though not necessarily from three different clubs) and must not be from your own club.

The Committee 21 Mar '19

2019 Nationals

We have found a favourable site near Burton-on-Trent, for the 2019 Nationals (subject to the signing of contracts). I would like to invite clubs to lay the courses. Please get in touch with me (Tony Burt - if your club or a group of individuals are interested. 

Update: Thank you to Duvelle Bowmen for being the first club to agree to lay one of the courses for the 2019 National Championship.

Tony Burt, NFAS Field Officer 18 Mar '19

Rednextravaganza Easter 2019

Sat 20th & Sun 21st April. Thorrington, Essex. 40 3D targets. 

more information here:  Rednextravaganza

Team Rednex 10 Mar '19