Coach Training - Signing Off Authority
(Amended Procedure)

Coaching Children and Vulnerable Adults

updated Oct 2016

It is our duty as a society and the duty of all clubs to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and vulnerable adults we have in our care. To fulfil our duty of care, we introduced the “Sign Off Authority” scheme in 2014. Since then we have had an excellent response, with most clubs signing up to the scheme. However, there are still a few clubs that have not yet joined the scheme. As from 1st April it will be a requirement for every club to have a qualified Coach or Sign Off Authority. No other signatories will be accepted for membership applications

To register as a “Sign Off Authority”, the candidate must complete the “Sign Off Authority” application, which is available for download on the NFAS website and forward it to the NFAS DBS Administrator. Sign off authority will not be issued to clubs with an NFAS registered coach, unless by prior agreement with the NFAS DBS Administrator. Independent Members cannot apply for the Sign-Off Authority.

The NFAS will instigate one DBS check, free of charge, per club that does not have an NFAS Coach or registered Sign off authority. The DBS disclosure will be valid for three years. Any requirements for additional sign off authority applications and renewals will be charged at £25.00 each.

Should an applicant have a DBS disclosure with content (a criminal record), the NFAS DBS Administrator will require a copy of the disclosure, so he, and the Child Protection Advisor can determine whether the candidate should be granted the post of “Sign Off Authority”. The candidates identity will be known only to the DBS Administrator and will remain anonymous at all times. All copies of documentation will be returned to the candidate or destroyed.

Club Secretarys or Chairman should request sight of the DBS certificate/disclosure for each Coach and Sign Off Authority Appointee in the Club, and any subsequent renewals.

Sign-off persons’ should familiarise themselves with the risk assessment procedure, as an up to date risk assessment must be in place for the NFAS insurance to be valid whilst coaching. Examples of risk assessments and blank risk assessments are available from the NFAS website, under “Club Pack”.

Should a Coach or the Sign Off authority be indisposed due to illness etc, they may nominate an experienced archer with a current DBS disclosure to deputise for them in the short term. The NFAS Membership Secretary and DBS Administrator must be informed of the deputy sign off authority prior to applying for membership.

Club Sign Off Authority’s and Coaches should make themselves familiar with the NFAS Child Protection Policy, which can be found on the NFAS website under “Club Pack”.


Provisional members may attend but not participate at any shoot that is open to the general membership, Provisional members may participate at a clubs own shoot (attended by club members only) under the guidance of a coach or an experienced archer, as per Safety Rules (Safety of provisional members). Non NFAS members cannot attend or compete at open, friendly or club shoots.

The above has been put in place to fulfil the NFAS and NFAS clubs legal obligation to provide a duty of care for all our members.

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