Coach Training - NFAS Assistant Coaches


The purpose of the assistant level is to provide a stepping stone on the coaching ladder. It is aimed at those individuals who wish to teach beginners at club level and whom do not meet the requirements to become a full NFAS coach or do not wish to follow the more academic system of coaching and are just happy to work at club under an official coach. What the NFAS is trying to achieve is a system where the practice of helping out becomes a more recognised position.

Application Requirements

Prior to any NFAS Assistant coach achieving full status they must demonstrate that they have meet the required standards.

The individual club coach will be responsible for the training and instruction of the trainee assistant.
When the club coach is confident of achievement they are to apply to an external coach or trainer from another club to carry out a standardisation check.

Once both club coach and independent assessor are satisfied with the candidate’s achievement both are to complete the NFAS Assistant Coach Assessment section of the application form (NFAS33).

The completed application form, the club coach’s recommendation (statement of suitability) and two passport photographs are to be forwarded to the NFAS Coaching Coordinator for registration.

Proficiency badges and certificate of achievement will be returned to the individual Assistant Coach.

To become an NFAS assistant coach, applicants MUST meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a fully paid up member of the NFAS
  2. Minimum age of 18 years.
  3. Minimum of 18mths continual NFAS Membership.
  4. Must be DBS approved (Subject to approval by the NFAS) See section: DBS
  5. Must have experience of NFAS open shoots.
  6. Must be recommended by club NFAS coach.
  7. Must be registered with NFAS coaching coordinator.
  8. MUST have basic literacy skill. 

Assistant Coaches Terms of Reference

  • All NFAS Assistant Coaches will be mentored and advised by a registered NFAS Coach.
  • NFAS Assistant coaches will not be permitted to sign off a new archer for full NFAS membership.
  • An assistant may be permitted to carry out any training role at the discretion of the club coach.
  • No assistant will be permitted to work alone for any protracted period within one session.
  • All assistant coaches are required to keep records of all sessions participated in; this should be counter signed by the club coach.
  • All assistant coaches are to follow and adhere to the NFAS rules. Any breach may result in a coaching disciplinary hearing and the possible removal of assistant status.