Mr Ross has informed the General Secretary that he has decided to withdraw as a candidate for the post of President, we therefore welcome Trish Jones as the elected President who will take up the post when Nigelís term ends
NFAS Committee, 16th September
It has come to our attention that some members have taken it upon themselves to take non-NFAS members around open shoot courses to give them experience of a shoot. These actions are contrary to the rules of the NFAS. Insurance cover for NFAS members relies on complying with rules, and breaking these rules - as above - puts this cover at risk for ALL members attending a shoot. Any member found breaking NFAS rules WILL face disciplinary action, which could include exclusion from the Society.
NFAS Committee, 3rd September
last updated: 7th Sep '14
club announcements  
last updated: 17th September '14
  • The Bickerstaffe Family are holding a Celebration of Life Party for the Late Roy Bickerstaffe at the Silver Prize Band Club , Salisbury Street, Long Eaton, NG10 1BA at 5pm on Friday 19th September. Good Food afterwards, Bar, Plenty of Talk. Everyone welcome to join us.
    Pip Bickerstaffe, 17th Sept '14
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  • Dunkery Field Bowmen have had to change their open shoot date FROM October 19th 2014 TO November 23rd. The shoot will be 32 Big Game.
    Hilary Willerton, 17th Sept '14
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  • Tavistock company of Archers will be holding an autumn shoot on Sunday 26th October. 36 x 3D, Big Game, pre-book/pre-pay. Entry forms can be found on the TCA website Hot food available throughout the day. We look forward to seeing you there.
    Sally Cammann, 3rd Sept '14
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